Why We Take Pride in Being Certified

It may sound absurd to an outside observer when we at Bercen get excited over a certification. Especially when that certification has a title like ISO 9001:2008. While on the surface, it doesn’t seem that exciting, it actually carries a lot of weight and ensures our customers that we are a business that is focused entirely on their needs.

To be ISO 9001:2008 certified, we had to excel in eight areas, all of which were already central to how we conducted our business. The first two are leadership and involvement of people. These work in tandem, as quality leadership is always accompanied by a team environment, where everyone feels as though their contribution is significant to the final result. The next two are the systems approach and process approach. These help us identify how to constantly improve our business model. Whether we are looking at the system we have in place as a whole or the individual processes workers use to complete their task, the two approaches allow us to analyze our work and find the best solution possible.

Finally, this certification requires that we have a customer focus, strong relationships, fact-based decision making and a drive for continual improvement. All these seem relatively straight-forward, but you would be surprised how often companies miss the mark. At Bercen we take pride in constantly striving to provide not only the best product possible, but also the best experience for our customers and business partners so that they feel confident in returning time and time again.

ISO 9001:2008 is more than just a piece of paper to us. It is a guide we use to drive our company forward. Holding ourselves to such a high standard means we are constantly progressing.

To find out more about our process or to talk to one of our experts, visit us today at www.bercen.com!

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