Striving for Success in Order Management and Logistics

A recent study conducted by Peerless Research Group indicates that half of manufacturers report involvement in an acquisition during the past three years. Meanwhile, 45% of all companies are using multiple channels to demand orders. These trends indicate that businesses across the board are experiencing problems with order fulfillment and logistics management, which have become an increasingly complicated facet of business operations. For most large organizations –especially manufacturers– issues with order management lead to problems like rising supply chain costs, unmet delivery dates, and miscalculated inventory needs.

Bercen is an innovative specialty chemical company that designs and manufactures chemical solutions that solve real-world problems. Bercen’s rigorous manufacturing and logistic capabilities allow its team to fulfill large orders even in the most demanding of situations. Those who work with Bercen know that we constantly strive to improve our order management systems to deliver the best customer experience possible.

The Peerless study noted above also found that 39% of study respondents pointed to inaccurate order fulfillment dates as a top inventory management challenge. In other words, manufacturers’ over-promising and under-delivering have become major concerns for ever-evolving industries that cannot accommodate these errors. Fortunately, when you work with Bercen, none of these problems arise. Bercen is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, meaning its advanced quality management systems ensure that our business process is continually improving so that we can deliver goods without a hitch.

Bercen’s strategic headquarters location in the Baton Rouge Metro Area allow us to maintain access to major ports to deliver to global customers, while our Jurong Island, Singapore facility helps us to meet growing demand for our products in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, to help meet all customer needs, Bercen’s entire ASA line and several other products are certified kosher with restrictions. Just one example of Bercen’s response to the Peerless Research Group study comes from our Vice President, who recognized that to provide a better experience for customers who place orders from multiple facilities, “the adoption of new technologies could help give us a better picture of what types of orders are coming in [and] streamline our invoicing process.” There will certainly be more innovations to come.

Success in order management and fulfillment relies on diligent attention to the supply chain and a commitment to constant improvement. Bercen is exceptional not only for its order fulfillment excellence, but also its credentials as an ISO 9001 certified facility and producer of kosher certified chemical products. Working with Bercen will help you to ensure that when you place an order, it will arrive complete and on time with zero hassle.

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