On-Demand Expertise: The Bercen Analytical Group

Constant innovation is necessary in today’s world. Whether it is finding new chemical solutions or improving our existing ones, Bercen is proud to stay on the forefront of design and manufacturing in our industry. Our position as a driving force would not be possible without the skills and expertise of our Analytical Group. This team of experts not only supports our Product Development Group and Technical Services group, but also provides much needed assistance to our customers.

This group has mastered a wide array of analytical capabilities in order to provide research quality analyses to assist with any problem that may arise. For instance, the use of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) has grown in popularity in recent years for component analyses, and we have made sure that our process allows customers to utilize this resource in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We also offer Ion and Gas Chromatography, as well as Infrared and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. This gives us the flexibility and adaptability we need to solve any problem that may come our way. If results from one method are inconclusive, we can easily use one of our other state-of-the-art instruments to try and find an answer.

Even outside of chromatic and spectroscopic analysis, we are equipped to conduct Microscopy Microbiological Examinations. Our Analytical Group is trained to identify a host of critical aspects in any culture that is brought to them. Regardless of what technique is needed to help solve your troubleshooting request, we have the necessary skills and instruments to provide a solution quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

We take great pride in the fact that all of our various groups employ innovative and creative experts from their respective fields. This allows us to be a leader within our industry and ensures that we have the skills required to meet the needs of our customers as soon as they arise.

To find out more about our extensive research techniques or to learn how we can help you and your company, visit www.bercen.com today!

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