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INDAPRO® 44 Series

Highly reactive products that disperse agglomerates in non-polar liquids systems and improve the life and utility of these fluids. They are reactive at low levels and can often be synergistic with other ingredients in industrial lubricants. They come in a range of solubilities.

Additionally, the products are often used as intermediates to create more functionalized and further the aim of detergency, dispersancy, or surfactancy in industrial lubricants and other like systems.

With production across three sites, Vertellus is among the world’s most diversified producers of this range.


Application Highlights

Surfactant Intermediate

Increased efficiency through multi-functional performance with microbial resistance, low foam, hard water emulsion stability, & low toxicity.


Forms stable emulsion in the production of aqueous based explosives for the
industrial mining sector.

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Bercen specializes in developing and producing fine chemicals and intermediates for sophisticated chemistry applications and additives that enhance the physical properties of customer end-use formulations.

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