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Bercen has been serving the specialty paper industry for 60 years with application expertise and specialized testing facilities. We offer an innovative approach to custom product development to meet the evolving needs of the industry.


 Our line of key industrial additives are used by the experienced formulator to enhance the value of their process or product. Bercen’s INDAPRO® products are manufactured on two continents, at four manufacturing sites. 


Innovation of high-quality fuel and lubricant additives which extend the life of engines, fluids, and other key mechanical components offering our TEXALENE® additive customers advantages over the baseline technologies. 

At Bercen, The Customer Comes First.

Our team of Technical Sales professionals serve customers by:

  • Assessing your needs
  • Matching innovative existing or potential solutions to address this need

Our team of Chemists and Chemical Engineers work in a customer-driven project teams which deliver results.  We pride ourselves on being agile and responsive.

Under the direction of commercial and technology leadership, we think of customers as partners and have entered into arrangements with many top tier companies to provide the highest value customized chemistry.

The success of these partnerships over many decades are why we say,

Bercen… Where Innovative Solutions Begin