EcoARMOUR: Functional Coatings

Functional Coatings for Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Printable & Glueable

Oil & Grease Resistant

Waterproof & Resistant


Who EcoARMOUR is For

EcoARMOUR was a natural evolution for Bercen, combining decades of coating formulation experience with a comprehensive knowledge base on the application of coatings.  The introduction of the EcoARMOUR product line embodies the relationship between our commitment to environmental conciousness and providing customized solutions.

EcoARMOUR products are functional coatings. The key components of EcoARMOUR are engineered polymers and pigments.  The technologies are recyclable, repulpable solutions for specialized packaging applications.


Creating a Robust Shield of Coating against many of the most challenging penetrants

There are many ways to influence the final properties of these highly-specialized consumer products, but the key is knowing and understanding the practical limitations during the design and implementations phases. Bercen has a history on developing creative solutions that combine rheology and application know-how to achieve unique key final properties at a competitive cost

The historic technology for these applications involved post-manufacture wax applications in a process which lengthened the supply chain and added unnecessary logistics and handling costs.  Industries relying on those wax coated products have been striving towards a more sustainable solution since many of these materials end up in a landfill despite being composed of a fully recyclable substrate.  EcoARMOUR is the solution which makes the final products completely recyclable at the point of end use.  It also reduces waste during the manufacturing process because materials can be re-pulped if target characteristics are not met.

EcoARMOUR is used in the most Demanding Applications

Consumer Cooler Boxes
Take-Out Food Containers
Fish & Poultry Containers
Produce Crates & Boxes
Appliance & Metal Part Packing Materials

EcoARMOUR products can be used in many applications in place of:

Silicone Coatings
Paraffin Wax Coatings
Polyethylene Coatings

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