Bercen’s BER-Brand Specialty Paper Chemicals Set the Standard for the Industry

Exciting new developments in the global specialty pulp and paper chemicals market have led to improved products, and manufacturing process improvements that are more efficient and environmentally friendly. These improvements are fueling the global expansion of the industry, with market expectations set to exceed $31 billion USD by 2024, according to a recent report by Global Market Insights Inc.

Functional chemicals have lead the way in the specialty pulp and paper chemicals industry, accounting for the majority of the market share in 2015. Another significant growth factor is the industry expansion of the specialty pulp and paper chemicals market in North America, which forecasters say will achieve a total revenue in excess of $6 billion USD in 2024.

As an industry leader in the innovation and production of paper chemicals and functional chemicals, Bercen sets the standard for chemical performance and manufacturing efficiency. The Bercen BER-BRANDS of specialty paper chemicals offer a variety of premium functionalities that add value and enhance paper properties.

Bercen’s BERSET delivers industry leading coating insolubilization. Utilizing ammonium zirconium carbonate (AZC), cyclic amide condensate, and modified glyoxal compounds, pigmented and nonpigmented coating strength is significantly improved. Ideal for enhancing the coating strength for both natural or synthetic binders, BERSET chemistries are specially designed to stand up to the harsh demands of the printing process and last for years afterward. With BERSET, coatings of all kinds receive long-lasting insolubilization.

Water resistance for paper products is essential to ensuring paper properties do not degrade in wet environments. Applied to the wet-end as well as the dry-end of the papermaking process, BERSIZE chemistries use modified hydrocarbon waxes or synthetic reactive compounds to deliver unmatched water resistance. Bercen’s BERSIZE chemistries can be tailored to meet and exceed customer needs for any end use application.

BERBOND is a unique paper chemistry that improves the surface strength of paper. This is an added benefit to paper performance, and is also an absolute necessity for certain applications. Delivering enhanced binding and surface modifying properties, Bercen’s BERBOND creates a stronger and more resilient paper product, great for multiple purposes such as digital printing.

The marquee Bercen brand of specialty paper chemicals is the BERCHEM line of premium chemistries, which includes optimization additives, dispersants, lubricants, and multi-functional paper property improvement compounds. Standing out among this premium product line is BERCHEM 4136, a patented diglyceride lubricant optimized for the high speed paper coating processes. In addition, many BERCHEM specialty chemicals are bio-based and renewable for environmentally friendly solutions.

The global specialty pulp and paper chemicals market continues to expand, and Bercen is leading the way with its BER-BRANDS and other innovative chemistries. Based in Louisiana, Bercen delivers value-added and customized specialty paper chemical solutions as well as functional chemicals and ASA derivatives.

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