Bercen Leads the Specialty Chemical Industry with Innovative Chemical Solutions

The specialty chemicals market in North America is continuing to expand despite the uncertainty presented by the volatility of oil and gas prices. According to the North American Specialty Chemicals Industry, Forecast to 2020 by Frost & Sullivan, the market is expected to grow by one to three percent between 2016 and 2018, with the lion’s share of the revenue generated by adhesives, paints, and coating chemicals. Furthermore, investment in the industry is not stopping, as new petrochemical projects could reach $20 billion with the potential for $23 billion on top of that by 2020.

The report also details the differing business models between chemical product types, as specialty chemicals present a ‘customer focus’ approach to meet individual needs, whereas basic chemicals advertise a ‘cost focus’ to help customers increase margins with lower prices on commoditized products.

Bercen is driving the growing specialty chemical industry with innovative products and efficient manufacturing and logistics processes. With client needs as its top priority, Bercen’s team of chemical specialists collaborate to create fit-for-purpose chemical solutions produced with meticulous attention to detail.

Bercen’s innovative chemical solutions begin at its Pilot Plant. Staffed with experienced and dedicated engineers and technicians, the Pilot Plant serves as the design and testing laboratory for Bercen’s latest chemical products. Using a multi-stage fixed bed catalyst system and an 80 L reactor and receiver unit, Bercen is able to evaluate and then improve on chemical formulae. Equipped with state-of-the-art data collection devices, the Pilot Plant is ideal for the evaluation of processes such as catalyst performance, production techniques, manufacturing parameters, analysis of raw materials, and much more. Once products have been developed and tested, and the optimal manufacturing process and parameters have been identified, the chemical is ready for production and distribution.

Bercen’s ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility produces specialty chemicals with precision and efficiency, while ensuring that the safety of workers and the community is never compromised. With its main manufacturing facility and headquarters in the Baton Rouge metro area, Bercen is situated on a key rail line for an optimal logistical location. Within arm’s reach of the major ports in Houston, New Orleans and Mobile, products can be on their way to Bercen’s Fortune 1000 customers and other global markets in no time at all. Along with strategic partners in logistics and manufacturing, Bercen has implemented a streamlined supply chain operation to distribute its tailored chemical products.

As an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative specialty chemical solutions, Bercen is at the forefront of the industry expansion. With streamlined and efficient manufacturing and logistics, coupled with the advanced and customized chemical products developed by its Pilot Plant, Bercen truly sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

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