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Igniting Innovation

The Pilot Plant is an integral part of our Product Development activities.  After initial bench top experiments, we use the Pilot facilities to test and scale-up new products prior to full production plant trials.  This also allows our clients to observe and participate in the co-development of new products.

The Pilot Plant consists of two operations:

  1. Multi-stage, Fixed bed catalyst system
  2. 80 L Reactor and Receiver unit with wiped film evaporator or batch distillation capabilities

Some typical projects we support are:

  • Evaluate new homogeneous and heterogeneous catalyst programs to change the chemical structure of our products
  • Evaluate potential new raw materials
  • Evaluate new production techniques and different conditions to see how these changes affect final product performance
  • Establish the optimum manufacturing parameters for new chemistries
  • Manufacture larger sample sizes for more extensive end-use testing by our clients.

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