Bercen’s Food-Safe EcoArmour RC Coating as a Functional Silicone Alternative

ecoarmor-logo-500x500Silicone has gained notoriety in the culinary world for its nonstick properties and resistance to deformation and degradation under both high and low temperatures. As such, it is used for many products including cooking utensils, pot holders, and all sorts of bakeware. These silicone products are made through a process that requires physical molds and curing time, but what if you wanted surface properties similar to silicone applied to an existing product? Bercen has developed a solution for just that. EcoArmour RC is a food safe, functional coating that can be applied in a variety of ways to numerous surfaces, improving water and oil resistance and imparting robustness to a wide range of thermal conditions.

EcoArmour RC was developed out of a need for a silicone alternative that could withstand extreme heat and cold while maintaining a very low surface tension necessary for the resistance to fluids. While EcoArmour RC certainly meets those needs, it also has many favorable qualities that make it an attractive solution for several applications. Not only is Bercen’s EcoArmour RC resilient to temperature extremes, it also allows for the easy release of baked goods, whether they be fresh out of the oven or left in the freezer overnight. As it has been tailored to the food services industry, EcoArmour RC is food safe and compliant with FDA regulations on coatings that contact all types of food, including wet, oily, and dry foods. Combined with its favorably low 30-minute Cobb value, it also delivers water resistance, making it an ideal functional coating for food packaging.

The performance of EcoArmour RC is impressive on its own, but the ease and versatility of application options are equally notable. The low viscosity coating can be applied via several processes such as rod or air knife coaters, size press, water box, and certain printing methods given adequate drying. Where higher viscosities are desired, alkali swellable thickeners can be incorporated at a neutral pH to achieve optimal runnability. Furthermore, EcoArmour RC is eco-friendly, formulated from recycled polymers to make it completely recyclable and repulpable, and ensuring that treated paper products are not destined for the landfill.

With silicone-like properties and the flexibility of application techniques, Bercen’s EcoArmour RC is an ideal food safe, functional coating with many uses. From take-out food containers to produce crates to fish and poultry containers, EcoArmour RC does it all. Its resistance to water and oil, resilience in extreme heat and cold, and ability to release foods at those temperatures make it not only an excellent alternative to silicon coatings, but a high quality replacement for paraffin wax and polyethylene coatings as well.

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